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Renowned for recognizing the power of flowers to awake a range of emotions, our vision is to resurrect the British Cut Flower industry to a level it once was before. Growing British cut flowers for 12 months of the year, supplying from substantial glasshouses on sites across the country, and are starting to offer range of cut flowers through the Blooming British website.

We have been growers for 60 years and are building more glasshouses to develop our British Cut Flower range. We have taken the best varieties from around the world and have exclusive agreements with the variety owners to grow these in the UK.

Our range includes Calla and Oriental Lilies, Avalanche and Spray Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Tropical Foliage and British seasonal cut flowers.

Our Tropical foliage and Carnation varieties are grown in our sister company based in Sri Lanka. Our sister company ; Shirohana flowers, being the pioneers of cut flower production in Sri Lanka, has won many presidential and export awards in recognition of unique products, cementing the reputed distinction of farm-fresh quality flowers.

Drawing from our years of experience, our multinational teams of growers utilizes both global and local expertise, ensuring that widely accepted international practices are executed with the help of our unmatched knowledge on the geography, climate and conditions of our sites.

We started seeking planning permission for the development of substantial 2 hectare to 5 hectare greenhouses next to energy plants, to use the wasted heat and save on carbon emissions. Here, a 2 hectare greenhouse saves 26,000 tonnes of carbon a year.

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Get in touch with us at +44(0)7729 899411 for Whole Sale flower orders.