In 2014, Matthews Flower Group started seeking planning permission for the development of substantial 2 hectare to 5 hectare greenhouses next to energy plants, to use the wasted heat and save on carbon emissions. Here, a 2 hectare MFG greenhouse saves 26,000 tonnes of carbon a year against imported and air freighted flowers.

Matthews Flower Group grow British cut flowers for 12 months of the year, supplying from substantial glasshouses on sites across the country, and are starting to offer Oriental Lily for cut flowers through the Blooming British website.

They will also be growing British Avalanche Roses, Spray Roses, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, and British seasonal cut flowers which will be offered to customers through the Blooming British website. Our website launched at the British Florist Association’s annual conference in April and is closely associated with Plumpton College, helping promote Floristry training courses and Cut Flower Nursery Management courses.

Matthews Flower Group has a vision to resurrect the British Cut Flower industry to a level it once was before the industry was left in ruin through cheap, uneconomical imported flowers. British Fresh Cut flowers are as fresh as can be: harvested in the afternoon, shipped overnight, and in the florist shop the next morning.

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