British Cut Flower Growers

Welcome to Blooming British Trade. We are a whole sale supplier of cut flowers and foliage for florists, wedding planners and individuals alike throughout the UK. Our expert team of flower and plant cultivators strive to give you the best quality cut flowers and foliage all year round.

Providing The Finest British Flowers

We have been growers for 60 years and are building more glasshouses to develop our British Cut Flower range for a 12 months of the year supply. We have taken the best varieties from around the world and have exclusive agreements with the variety owners to grow these in the UK. Our range includes Calla and Oriental Lilies, Avalanche and Spray Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Tropical Foliage and British seasonal cut flowers.



Tropical Foliage


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Get in touch with us at +44(0)7729 899411 for Whole Sale flower orders.